A core part of the human experience is contemplation of our place in the Cosmos and humanity’s prospects for the distant future, a future which will likely play out far beyond planet Earth. As a historian I highlight cultural participation in these aspects of life by curating Space Age Museum and shooting photos to document relics of roadside Americana that reflect related themes in their natural landscapes.

Forming Space Age Museum, I have teamed up with my father, to discover and preserve cultural evidence of how everyday people participated in the adventure of space exploration during the 20th Century. Growing up as a young child obsessed with Star Wars expanded into a broader fascination with science fiction, which developed into a father-son collecting journey that ultimately became a historic preservation museum project. As part of that mission I have travelled across the country more than a dozen times, often in my spaceship – a 1980s Toyota Van – shooting photos to document folk renderings of rocketships, robots and flying saucers along America’s backroads and blue highways.  

I am inspired by Carl Sagan’s notion that we are all starstuff that has evolved in a way for the Universe to know itself, and that Earth is part of the Cosmos that we can explore. By immersing myself in the popular culture of humanity’s evolution into a spacefaring species, I experience my own science fiction space adventure of discovery and exploration. My artistic approach as a historian is more interdisciplinary than just photography, curating, writing, conceptual art or performance art. I live a creative and immersive life of intention and I identify as a futurist, focussing on the consciousness and creativity around humanity's arc of progress and exploration.

I want to share my work more publicly and continue exchanging ideas about cultural participation in these realms that I feel are both entertaining and evolutionary. Beyond my work building the Space Age Museum collection and shooting photos of Space Age landmarks, I'm available for creating dynamic exhibitions, presentations, writing, video and other collaborations.