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It's an ongoing effort to map out the Space Age cultural landscape and preserve historic relics of our transition into a spacefaring species. My friends and family are very helpful but I can always use more support, so please join in the fun!

I'm constantly looking for new examples of Space Age cultural history to photograph or add to our collection. Please contact me if you have any locations to share, artifacts to contribute, vintage photos of you or other people doing space stuff! I like pictures of people playing with space toys, dressing up in space costumes, anything with robots, spaceship playground equipment, NASA tours, launch viewings, amusement rides, science fairs, Star Wars and Star Trek conventions, amatuer rocketry and astronomy, etc... The older the better, but any age is fine. Please send me photos and info at the email or phone number below. You can also tag me on Instagram @earthlin and @space_age_museum.