"LOVE YOUR MOTHERSHIP" was inspired by a combination of the iconic "Love Your Mother" poster from the 1970’s environmental movement, the overview effect of the "Blue Marble" photos taken by NASA astronauts, and the unifying concept of "Spaceship Earth" made famous by Buckminster Fuller. Prioritizing the fragile ecosystem of planet Earth, both as our nurturing matriarch and the spaceship we inhabit, is imperative. Our human species is an interconnected and diverse crew that desperately needs to work together aboard this beautiful vessel. We must look after each other, especially the most vulnerable. It's time to develop long-term visions that inform our actions to support a promising tomorrow for future generations on the long arc of humanity's trajectory.

After receiving enthusiastic responses to my LOVE YOUR MOTHERSHIP signs for the 2017 Women's March, I decided to make products that could spread the message. It is a timeless and universal message, but the Earth Day Science March on April 22nd was motivation for the launching of www.loveyourmothership.com.